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Canada Jobs for ForeignersAmerica’s Northern neighbor Canada is among the wealthiest nations in the world, with the planet’s 11th largest economy (a good sign for those seeking Canada jobs). It’s also the second largest country in the world in terms of land area.

Significantly, Canada also has one of Earth’s highest per-capita immigration rates — a phenomenon fueled by the country’s progressive economic and “family reunification” policies. While the service industry dominates Canada’s economy much as it does elsewhere in the developed world, the country also has prolific commercial fishing, logging, and oil and gas industries. It has booming technology, engineering and manufacturing sections as well. This all means that Canada jobs are ideal for foreigners.

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Getting Canada Jobs Foreigners Want

Although Canada has relatively lenient immigration laws, make no mistake that you’ll need a work permit to work in the country in most cases. It also requires that you get a separate temporary residence permit to actually live there.

And neither of those permits will allow you to live in Canada permanently. But if you intend to permanently immigrate, however, having one of these Canada jobs will bring you closer in many cases. There are essentially 5 categories of workers covered by Canada’s work permit program. Here they are:

  • Temporary Workers: These are for workers who want to work in temporary or peak-seasonal positions with Canadian Companies.
  • Live-in Caregivers: This worker category includes people qualified to care for kids, elderly people and disabled people unsupervised in private residences. The worker must live in the private residence and there are multiple steps required to meet Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) requirements.
  • Business People: This category includes NAFTA professionals (approximately 60 are listed in the Nafta treaty, plus ones specified in other treaties), intra-company transferees, and traders and investors. Business visitors do not require work permits.
  • Students: This category is for international students who are studying in Canadian Universities and educational institutions.
  • Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) – Permanent: The Federal Skilled Worker category is for workers who have been selected to be permanent residents based on their education, work experience, linguistic knowledge and other criteria determining them to be eligible for economic establishment. This category is currently closed.

Note that most of these work permit categories will require you to get what is called a “labour market opinion” (LMO) from the department of Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC). A labour market opinion will determine whether or not a Canadian or permanent resident is available for the job; if not, then the sponsoring employer will have the option of employing a foreign worker.

Live & Work in The Great White North With Canada Jobs

Though these work permits are different regarding the professions and requirements, each one of them requires that you do one major thing: get a job offer or be accepted for admission (for students). But to do that, you first have to apply to Canadian jobs or organizations.

To succeed, you need to apply to the right positions at the right time with the right organizations/employers. Specifically, you need to target only the Canadian employers / organizations that have a proven record of hiring and accepting international citizens on Canada work permits.

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