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E3 Visa Jobs Foreigners Want

SONY DSCThe E3 visa is a type of US working visa that is exclusive to Australian Nationals. In many ways, it’s like the H1B visa — it allows skilled and educated foreign nationals to work in professional-level US jobs. And most of the requirements are the same as those of the H1B work visa.

The distinct advantage that the E3 offers Australians, though, is that there is a separate allotment of visas. A total of 10,500 visas, in fact, is reserved exclusively for Australian Nationals. This means that there is less competition for visas and an increased chance that you’ll get one.

There’s another advantage of getting one of these E3 visa jobs — your spouse can also work in the USA unrestricted. The E3 is renewable every two years indefinitely, which essentially means you’ll have work authorization for as long as you’re employed with a sponsoring company.

The key difference, though, is that the E3 visa isn’t a dual-intent visa. This means that you cannot apply for permanent residency while you’re on the visa, and that you have to prove “non-immigrant intent” during the visa interview. But if you want to work in the USA for an indefinite amount of time without establishing permanent residency, then the E3 may be the visa for you. >>Search For E3 Visa Jobs for FREE Here

Requirements to Qualify for E3 Visa Jobs

E3 visa jobs require the same level of education and work experience as the H1B Visa. This is because workers are expected to fulfill the same role and meet the same standards of professional work. These are the basic requirements to qualify for an E3 Visa:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, but a Master’s Degree or higher is ideal (or the foreign equivalent of these degrees), OR:
  • At least 12 years’ work experience in your profession, OR:
  • A combination of University education & on-the-job experience (for example, 2 years of college and 6 years of work experience.

Basically, this is the equation for qualifying for E3 visa jobs: a total of 12 points is needed to meet e3 visa qualifications. One point is awarded for each year of work experience you have, and 3 points are awarded for each year at a university.

Jobs that Qualify for the USA E3 Working Visa

To qualify as an E3 visa job, your job has to meet standards for being a “specialty occupation.” The work associated to this job has to demand a college education or extensive work experience from the E3 Visa candidate. To get one of these e3 visa job, then, there are essentially 2 separate criteria: (1) the e3 candidate’s the educational and/or work experience qualifications, and (2) the job’s own requirements; that it actually needs you to have that education and or work experience.

Some of the more common E3 jobs include: Information technology, computer programming, software development, medicine, architecture, engineering, surveying, financial planning, business management, media, systems analysis, law, marketing, teaching, journalism, and many more. For more information, read this list of E3 Visa Jobs.

How to Get H1B Visa Jobs to Work in the USA

Prior to getting one of these e3 visa jobs, you’ll need be sponsored by a US company that’s willing to file a work visa and pay all the e3 visa fees (which are much lower than H1B fees). This means you’ll have to get an employment offer before you do anything else.

Many American companies don’t offer visa jobs, no matter whether your education and experience qualify you for the job. Subsequently, industry experts say Australian Nationals hoping to get e3 visa sponsorship should only apply to American companies that have a track record of filing for e3 employees. And by targeting these particular companies, you can be sure you aren’t wasting your time.

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