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Jobs in the USA for Foreigners | Free Job Search System

This Free Job Search tool covers any job that qualifies for a work visa in the USA.

It includes H1B visa jobs, H2B visa jobs, TN1 Visa Jobs, E3 Visa Jobs and J1 Visa Jobs from every city in the nation. However, you’ll want to make sure that the jobs do accept international candidates before you apply — usually, there will be some line in the posting like “H1s accepted” (or something similar) to indicate that the company is interested in hiring foreigners.

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USA Work Visa Job Search Notes:

*****TN1 & E3 Jobs: Most employers who will hire for an H1 Visa will also be willing to hire for TN1 or E3 visas as well (generally speaking). This is because the fees are lower and, in some cases, the employer won’t even have to file an LCA for you to get issed a visa.

***TN1 Visa Jobs: With TN1 Visa Jobs, be sure that the exact job title matches the one on NAFTA’s list. If not, you might be able to negotiate an adjustment in the job title with your prospective employer. If you get hired and the title in your job offer letter doesn’t match one on the NAFTA list for TN1 Visa Jobs, then your visa will very likely be denied.

**H2B Visa Jobs: If you’re searching for H2B jobs, make sure that the position is both temporary and non-agricultural in nature before you apply. If the position isn’t temporary, or is somehow involved with farming or agriculture, then you’ll need to apply for a different visa.

*USA-Style Resumes:When applying to jobs in the USA, you should be aware that CVs work a little differently. American Businesses generally prefer shorter resumes that don’t contain personal information — in fact, by including certain personal information, you will get your CV automatically disqualified. Read these Resume Writing Tips to get a better idea of how to write your own. Or get a Professionally Written USA Resume