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H1B Visa Jobs Foreigners Want

Professional visa jobs for international workersThe H1B Visa has sometimes been referred to as “America’s secret weapon,” because it allows US employers to hire some of the brightest minds in the world. For professional workers with education and/or specialized skills, the H1B just might be your ticket to living and working in the USA.

But first you need a job, and the H1B does have its limits. Currently, a total of 85,000 visas is issued every year by the US government (Note: 20,000 are reserved solely for workers with an advanced level of education). The visas are issued beginning on April 1st, and the US government continues to issue them until the cap of 85,000 H1B work visas has been reached. The visa also lasts up to 10 years, as long as you remain employed with a sponsorship company.

The H1B is a highly sought-after visa because it is a “dual-intent” visa. This means that, unlike other non-immigrant visas like the E3 and Tn1, you can apply for permanent residency while you’re working in one of these h1b visa jobs.

You also don’t have to prove non-immigrant intent during the h1b visa process or h1b visa interview. So getting an h1b job can essentially be a stepping stone to obtaining a green card and (if you choose) becoming a US citizen.


Top 3 sites to help you find H1B Visa Jobs are:


1.  H1 Base Corporation – for high level expert assistance


2. – offers a Free H1B job search system


3.  Joberator JobsUSA –  offers multiple Free job search resources

* Joberator jobsUSA has a system called iN-Demand that matches you with US Companies that sponsor work visas based on your job title. You can get a Free account – Here

Requirements for You to Qualify for H1B Visa Jobs

The H1B visa requires that workers be educated to a certain level, that they possess a certain level of work experience, or that they have a particular combination of education and work experience. Here’s how it works — the basic requirements to qualify for an H1B Visa:

  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree, but ideally a Master’s Degree (or the foreign equivalent of either of these degrees from a University in your own home country), OR:
  • A minimum of 12 years of work experience, OR:
  • Some sort of combination of further education & work experience (for example, a 2-year Associate’s degree and 6 years of work experience.

The basic formula works like this: you need a total of 12 points to qualify for the H1B visa. You get 1 point for every year of work experience, and 3 points for every year you spent studying at a university.

Jobs that Qualify for the USA H1B Working Visa

For a job to be eligible for H1B work visa sponsorship, it has to be considered as “specialized.” Its duties have to actually require a college degree or considerable work experience from the person who holds it. So basically there are two parts — (1) you have to meet the educational and/or work requirements, and (2) the job has to actually demand you have this level of experience and/or education.

Examples of H1B visa jobs include: IT professionals, computer programmers, software developers, Medical Doctors, Nursing professionals, architects, engineers, surveyors, financial planners, business managers, media professionals, systems analysts, lawyers, marketing professionals, teachers, journalists, and many more. For more information, read this full list of H1B visa jobs.

How to Get H1B Visa Jobs to Work in the USA

To get an h1b visa job, you first have to get hired by a US company that’s willing to sponsor you for a work visa. Once you’ve accepted a job offer from one of these companies, your employer will file the paperwork and pay all the h1b visa fees.

But it’s important to know that many US employers simply won’t offer h1b visa jobs, even if your education and work experience both qualify. As a result, many experts advise that international workers should only target US companies that have a proven history of filing for this type of work visa. By applying to these companies, you can be sure you aren’t wasting your time.