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H2B Visa Jobs Foreigners Want

h2b visa jobs for temporary workersThe H2B visa is a USA working permit for foreigners who want to enter country to work temporarily. It’s intended for non-agricultural, peak-seasonal labor including cruise ship and theme park workers, retail employees, hospitality workers and more.

So if you’re interested in taking a “working vacation” where you can see how people really live and work in the USA, then one of these h2b visa jobs might be for you. The visa is valid only for as long as the sponsoring employer needs workers, and it lasts no longer than a year (3 years in some cases). But one to three years is plenty of time to experience the excitement and adventure of working in a foreign country. >>Search For H2B Visa Jobs For FREE Here

Requirements for You to Qualify for H2B Visa Jobs

As we’ve already mentioned, the H2B visa is for non-agricultural jobs. This means that you can’t be a worker in any field that’s related to farming, dairy, livestock, etc. If you work in one of these fields or if you’re seeking long-term professional work, then you’ll want to look at other US work visas.

You also have to be seeking a position that is temporary in nature. This means that it has to have one of the following needs in terms of labor:

  • Recurring seasonal need
  • Intermittent or sporadic need
  • Peak-load, “busy season” need, or
  • Single time occurrence

Another qualification — you have to intend to leave the United States when the job finishes and the visa is expired. In order to get the visa, you’ll have to demonstrate that you have financial and family ties to your country of origin that will motivate you to return home when the visa is finished.

Jobs that Qualify for the USA H2B Working Visa

As we’ve discussed, the only real major requirements for h2b visa jobs is that they be temporary and non-agricultural. The need for labor also has to meet the previously discussed conditions. Aside from those things, pretty much any type of job can be an h2b visa job.

The most common h2b visa jobs include hospitality workers, hotel / motel staff, chefs, workers at resorts and theme parks, ticket sales personnel, cruise ship staff, construction workers, maintenance laborers, janitorial or custodial workers, ski resort instructors and staff, landscapers, golf course maintenance workers, water park staff, security guards, theme park / carnival ride operators, workers at restaurants and bars, warehouse laborers, retail Stores and more. For further information, read this comprehensive guide to H2B Visa Jobs.

How to Get H2B Visa Jobs to Work in the USA

As with most US working visas, you first have to find a job to get a visa. This involves getting a job offer for a temporary position with a US employer. The US employer will then file an H2B application with the US Immigration Bureau and pay all the relevant fees.

However, finding an h2b visa job can be a tricky proposition. Most jobs on US job boards are for domestic US workers only, and this is where you’ll find the largest volume of local US competition. According to the experts, your best bet is to target only the employers who consistently hire workers for h2b visas. Doing that can require a great deal of time, effort and research. So you’ll want to be organized and find ways to maximize your opportunities for finding one of these h2b visa jobs.

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