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J1 Visa Jobs Foreigners Want

j1 visa jobsGetting J1 Visa Jobs isn’t the same as the other USA working visas listed on this site. For starters, the purpose of the J1 visa was designed for an entirely different purpose than these other visas. In theory, J1 Visa jobs are intended as part of an “exchange visitor” program that is supposed to promote intercultural exchange between the US and other countries.

In reality, most J1 Visa Jobs comprise medical professionals and au pairs. Particularly in the case of doctors, the visa is used to fill the country’s need for general practitioners — especially in under-served rural areas. The visa is pretty diverse overall, though, and it can be used by a range of professions, from scholars and professors to Government visitors and specialists.

The visa itself is a non-immigrant visa, and it has a “home residence requirement” or “physical presence requirement” that requires holders to return to their home country for two years once the visa’s duration is completed (this can be waived under certain circumstances). The visa is also different in terms of how sponsorship works — J1 candidates are sponsored by an approved organization (private and public) as opposed to being sponsored directly by an employer. >>Search For J1 Visa Jobs for FREE Here

Requirements to Qualify for J1 Visa Jobs

To get one of these J1 visa jobs, you have to obtain sponsorship through a designated organization. That organization then supervises and guides your application process and serves as your primary contact point while you’re in the USA. Check the US Department of State’s Designated Sponsor List and the US Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs’ List of J1 Sponsor Programs to locate a suitable designated sponsor organization.

You’ll also have to establish “non-immigrant” intent during the visa interview process. This means that you’ll have to show you have “compelling” social and economic ties to your homeland, and that you have enough funds to cover expenses during your journey to the USA.

Jobs that Qualify for the USA J1 Working Visa

The list of actual jobs that qualify as J1 visa jobs is fairly extensive. The broader categories for programs in the private sector include Alien Physicians / Doctors, Au Pairs and EduCare workers, certain types of Camp Counselors (often for American Summer Camps), Certain Types of Internships (primarily medical), Exchange Students (Secondary Schools), Work/Travel (Note: numerous pilot programs for various countries also exist in this category), Teachers and Trainees. The category of Flight Training was once considered a j1 visa job, but the category was removed in 2010.

There are also a significant number of government and academic categories that take J1 visa candidates. These include Government Visitors, International Visitors, Professors and Research Scholars, Short-Term Scholars, Specialists and College Students.

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