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TN1 Visa Jobs Foreigners Want

Jobs in America for Mexican and Canadian citizensIf you come from either Canada or Mexico, then you might want to considering finding a TN1 visa job. In terms of its basic purpose, the TN1 visa isn’t any different than the H1B or E3 visa — it allows US companies to hire talented, professional workers from abroad.

The visa itself is established under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and it has no cap or maximum period of stay. This means TN1 visa jobs offer enormous advantages for Canadian and Mexican professional workers; they don’t have to compete for a limited allotment of visas, and they can stay in the country for as long as they’re employed. Some TN1 candidates can also forego service center filing regulations and LCA requirements as well.

But the TN1 also has some limitations. The list of qualifying jobs, for example, is much more limited and specific than either the H1B or E3 visas. And like the E3, the TN1 isn’t a dual-intent visa, meaning that you can’t file for a green card while you’re on this visa. But for Canadian and Mexican citizens, the TN1 is still probably the most streamlined solution for living and working in the USA. >>Search For TN1 Jobs for FREE Here

Requirements to Qualify for TN1 Visa Jobs

The H1B visa requires that workers be educated to a certain level, that they possess a certain level of work experience, or that they have a particular combination of education and work experience. Here’s how it works — the basic requirements to qualify for an H1B Visa:

  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree, but ideally a Master’s Degree (or the foreign equivalent of either of these degrees from a University in your own home country), OR:
  • A minimum of 12 years of work experience, OR:
  • A combination of higher education & on-the-job experience (for instance, the equivalent of an Associate’s degree and 6 years’ experience).

This is the formula used by the US Immigration Bureau: you need 12 points to qualify for the H1B visa. You get 1 point for every year of work experience, and 3 points for every year you spent studying at a university.

Jobs that Qualify for the USA TN1 Working Visa

For your job to be eligible for TN1 work visa sponsorship, the job itself has to meet very specific qualifications. These requirements are different from the H1 or E3, where your job’s duties and educational requirements are judged on a case-by-case basis as to whether they are “specialized.” Instead, TN1 visa jobs have to specifically match the ones on NAFTA’s list — if your job isn’t on the list, then the visa won’t be issued.

There are exactly 63 professions qualify for as being Tn1 visa jobs, as outlined in Appendix 1603.D.1 of NAFTA. Only the jobs listed in this appendix are eligible for the TN visa, and your job offer letter has to say that you are working one of these exact jobs. Read this list of TN1 Jobs and NAFTA Sponsors for more information.

How to Get TN1 Visa Jobs to Work in the USA

Getting TN1 Visa Jobs involves a process. First, have to get a job offer from a US company that will file a work visa for you and pay all the relevant fees (this is called “sponsorship”).

Note, however, that many US employers just won’t sponsor an international worker, even if your education and work experience both qualify you for the position. These companies either aren’t aware that visa sponsorship is even a possibility, or they don’t know how to file for a visa, or they simply don’t want to be inconvenienced.

Subsequently, most experts advise international workers to apply only to US companies that have a proven history of filing LCAs for TN1 visa jobs. By targeting only these companies, you can be sure your time is being used efficiently.

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