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Jobs in the USA for Foreigners
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Jobs in America for ForeignersGetting a job in the USA is an exciting challenge for foreigners worldwide. Living and working in one of these USA jobs can mean a higher salary and exposure to a world-leading business culture.

The USA is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other country in the world. It also has the most start-ups and independent businesses on the planet, and many of those are in its thriving tech industry. All of this makes the USA the No. 1 destination for finding the jobs foreigners want.

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Getting USA Jobs for Foreigners

Because of the country’s ever-growing number of companies, the USA needs a constant supply of skilled and educated workers. And due to a “skills gap,” there simply aren’t enough qualified domestic US workers to meet the rapidly growing demands of US companies.

This means that there are many foreigners working at USA jobs at any given time in a wide range of occupations. The list of USA jobs for foreigners includes: IT workers, Computer programmers, engineers, software developers, financial analysts, marketers, nurses doctors, medical professionals,  mathematicians, architects, tourism workers, chefs and many, many more.

But to get one of these coveted USA jobs, foreigners first need to get a work visa of some sort. Depending on your education, qualifications and country of origin, you could be eligible for one of the five most common types of visa:

      • H1B Visa Jobs: The H1B work visa is for professional international workers with a bachelor’s degree, 12 years of work experience, or some combination of the two. Read more about H1B visa jobs and H1B Visa requirements.
      • E3 Visa Jobs: The E3 work visa is much like the H1B visa in terms of job requirements and educational criteria. But it’s exclusively reserved for Australian citizens who want to work in the US. Read more about E3 visa jobs and E3 visa requirements.
      • TN1 Visa Jobs: The TN1 work visa is for Canadian and Mexican nationals who want to live and work in the USA. Like the H1B and the E3, it’s intended for professional international workers, but the actual requirements for qualifying jobs is a little different. Read More about TN1 visa jobs and TN1 visa requirements.
      • J1 Visa Jobs: The J1 Visa is completely different from other types of work visas used in the USA. It requires a sponsoring organization (rather than a sponsoring employer), and — as an “exchange visitor” visa — it’s used for a wide range of professions ranging from au pairs to doctors. Read more about J1 visa jobs and J1 visa requirements.

How to Live & Work in America With a USA Job

Although each of these visas is different in terms of their purpose and requirements, every one of them requires one major thing: Sponsorship. And to do that, you have to be hired an employer or accepted by organization that will file a visa for you.

To make this happen, you need to apply to the right positions at the right time with the right organizations/employers. Specifically, you need to target only employers / organizations that have a proven record of sponsoring international workers for USA work visas.

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